Ishikawa Prefectural Library – ICT equipments


Desk-type self station
Return table with IC antenna
Tower-type self-station
Area navigation
BOOK NAVI / reservation terminal

ookura hideki (KUROME photo studio)
Mitsumasa Fujitsuka (helico)

<Self-Station (Desk Type) / IC Antenna-equipped Return Counter>
A station for terminal devices, made using compressed straight-grain cedar wood with increased strength through careful pressure pressing. The straight grain of the cedar wood gives a high-quality expression to the typically inorganic equipment space while aiming for a presence that harmonizes with the dynamic reading space.
There are two variations with different heights.

<Self-Station (Tower Type)>
A tower-type station that stands out among the rows of bookshelves, becoming a focal point in the space.
The use of different straight-grain cedar materials reduces the sense of oppression caused by the height, creating a visually lightweight effect. There are variations such as types that surround columns and low types designed for seated and wheelchair use.

<Area Navi>
A friendly design featuring the beauty of satin sycamore plywood and the soft impression of the backside bulletin board. While lightly supporting the large, heavy black touch monitor, mobility considerations include casters for movement and back-to-back installation.

<BOOK NAVI / Reservation Terminal Stand>
A stand for BOOK NAVI (guidance tablets) located in various places within the library, as well as for terminal devices for the Silent Room and Reserved Book Corner.
With minimal elements and restrained design, it maintains a unified, high-quality appearance with the same materials and finishes as the self-stations.
The tablet case and stand were also custom-designed.