Ishikawa Prefectural Library – Desk 02


Partitioned counter desk
Side table

ookura hideki (KUROME photo studio)
Mitsumasa Fujitsuka (helico)
Ishikawa Prefectural Library

A spacious individual desk placed by the window. People can enjoy the luxurious seat with a view of the scenery and a large desk all to themselves, equipped with a chair suitable for both writing and reading. The side shelf allows you to immerse yourself in research or study with reference materials.

A crescent-shaped desk for two, installed along the circular bookshelves in the main reading area.
The lighting features a custom-designed LED lamp.

<Partitioned Counter Desk>
A seat with partitions placed in the main reading area’s counter seats, making it easier to secure a more personal area. It provides easy access to the bookshelves and ample desk space.

A face-to-face reading desk installed along the circular bookshelves in the main reading area. A light individual seat with privacy panels on the front and corridor side. Transparent acrylic panels are used at the top of the panel to avoid obstructing the view when walking.

<M-04 / M-05>
A desk and chair installed by the window seats.
The linoleum-covered desktop creates a calm atmosphere.

A seat that upgrades the C-02 seat to an even higher level as a private room. The door is designed after the wooden insect cages seen in the Chaya district, ensuring privacy while allowing occupants to sense the presence inside and outside the room.

<Side Table>
Placed next to the personal chair by the window seat, it allows you to temporarily store the next book to read or your belongings while reading without getting in the way.