Ishikawa Prefectural Library – Desk 01


Table for open shelf space
3F outside desk
3F inside desk
Silent room

ookura hideki (KUROME photo studio)
Mitsumasa Fujitsuka (helico)

<Open Shelf Space Tables>
Large tables suitable for group usage.
Two types of wood are used in the library: compressed straight-grained cedar, which is also used in the self-stations, and solid Hiba wood, which has a bright impression.

<Third Floor Outer Desk >
A desk space that provides an open feel through the large windows attached to the two-story high ceiling, while also ensuring individual space.

<Third Floor Inner Desk>
A combination of carrel-type desks and sofas.
Using the back of the desk as a partition wall to support the sofa’s back, the design effectively uses space while incorporating the essence of the main reading area. Installed in the west and east corners of the third floor.

<Silent Room>
A separate room from the reading area provides a quiet environment for immersing oneself in reading or studying. Personal materials can be brought in, and books from within the library can be brought in and read without having to go through the borrowing process.