Secret Source of Inspiration: Designers’ Hidden Sketches and Mockups

21_21 Design Sight
The Miyake Issey Foundation

Special support
Mitsui Fuosan Co., Ltd.

Special cooperation
Matsuya Co., Ltd.

Exhibition director
Kinya Tagawa

The Japan Design Committee has contributed to Japanese design through the selection of excellent products and the holding of design exhibitions. Since its establishment in 1953, based in Matsuya Ginza, designers, architects and critics representing each field have been active. In this exhibition, 26 current members of the wide range of generations will introduce a number of sketches, drawings and models created in the process of design.

Seeing the essence of design up close, carved into the “hidden parts” that are not normally exposed to light, will be an exciting and suggestive experience. With Kinya Tagawa, a design engineer, as the exhibition director, this exhibition aims to serve as a node for people of different generations and fields, and to make use of the rich stockpile of Japanese design in the future.