Ishikawa Prefectural Library – Showcases


Ishikawa Collection
Showcases built into an L-shaped bookshelf
Shelves for audiovisual corners

ookura hideki (KUROME photo studio)
Mitsumasa Fujitsuka (helico)

<Ishikawa Collection>
This collection contains documents from within and outside the prefecture, as well as from overseas, relating to the biodiversity of “satoyama-satoumi” (village-vicinity mountains and seas) and “traditional culture.” In Ishikawa Prefecture, in addition to the lifestyle culture cultivated in the satoyama-satoumi environment, a gorgeous traditional culture has been nurtured dating back to the Kaga Domain.

To protect and pass on the biodiversity woven by humans and nature, books with these themes are gathered here.

<L-shaped Bookshelf Showcase>
Traditional crafts include items for everyday use, and the showcase exhibits are changed periodically according to themes at 20 locations within the library.

<Audio-Visual Corner Shelf>
A suggestion-based corner that introduces audio-visual materials selected under 12 themes for encountering books. Enjoying related books and movies as a set can deepen knowledge and understanding.

Six showcases have been installed throughout the library for exhibition purposes, with shapes varying according to the location.

The specifications are aligned with the Ishikawa Collection and L-shaped Bookshelf Showcases.