Hybrid – Light and Shade

Gallery MA, Tokyo

These days, art has been to show the end of the century phenomenon that indulgence in nostalgia to the past of ritual and decoration. I have found salvation in the avant-garde vitality of the industrial designer. The designers since the Bauhaus, they always have been struggling to be emphasized geometric and stationary a form machine brings, but for Motomi Kawakami, who has been a work in Italy, in addition to this, and the oriental feeling issues of how to harmonize and Western feeling also must have been imposed. To Presumably, this problem is would have been Conflict between western sense to pursue sharply the material and oriental sense enjoyment the emotional. Fortunately, Motomi Kawakami brings out his personality from these contacts. Probably he has a very modern sense to recognize the material as the detail of the design. So, he can not only develop a new material, can also discover fresh content from among traditional materials. While making use of the material as adjusted detail, he creates a world of simple, humanistic form as of Cistercian architecture.
Shunsuke Kijima (Art critic)