Design in Japan – Tradition and the Present Government of Japan


Major sponsor: Seibu distribution group / Japan Cultural Association / The Soviet Union Ministry of Culture
Supporting Organization: Japan Foundation / Agency for Cultural Affairs In Japan / The Soviet Union embassy
Collaborator: Mitsukuni Yoshida / Ikko Tanaka / Ekuan Kenji / Kazuko Koike
Exhibition coordination and installation: Motomi Kawakami
Hall: The Soviet Union artists alliance center writers Hall

Japan and cultural exchange with the Soviet Union began in 1978. Cultural exchange the Second Five-Year Plan of the Soviet Union that Seibu distribution group to advance was part of the exchange. As a first step, "Design in Japan" was held in Moscow. It is an exhibition of this kind to be held in overseas was the largest in those days. It was composed of five areas of clothing, food, housing, entertainment and industrial design. The exhibition has been prepared more than about 2,000types (4,000 works) including traditional crafts and modern daily necessities. It became the exhibition to introduce widely the Japanese culture. Besides, it also incorporates event by video and music, was a comprehensive representation of the past and the present. It is the first attempt in the The Soviet Union, this is expected to lead to the expansion of economic exchange. In addition, the secondary plan is not only to introduce the culture of The Soviet Union in Japan, Japanese culture also to introduce actively, in the original meaning, it was able to develop into alternating current.

Moscow Tass, Inc., as the exhibition overlooking the graceful form and reasonable structure combines the design centuries of Japan, had told that it is a good reputation at local.