Yurakucho Seibu Art Forum, Tokyo
The National Museum of Modern art, Kyoto
Major sponsor: Seibu Museum of Art The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto Nordic Council of Ministers
Supporting Organization: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Agency for Cultural Affairs
Exhibition coordination and installation: Motomi Kawakami

This year, SCANDINAVIAN TODAY has been held in all over Japan. The exhibition was held as a part. It was made up of 180 points Including 35 people of New selected from the five Nordic countries. Previously, I asked to select a work from the field, such as glass, textiles, wood, metal, ceramic jewelry in each country. Seibu Museum of Art curator and I checked the works visited the artists. As such, we collected the excellent work, we were planning as this exhibition can overview the trends of today. Since this exhibition is touring exhibition at the Tokyo and Kyoto, it was easier to move by the unit of the exhibition format.