ta yu tau, possibility of “HINOKI”and modern Japanese bath

le bain gallery
Exhibition coordination: Motomi Kawakami

Leaving the daily bustle behind and put myself in the world of silence for a while. Feeling the fragrance of wood in the bath filled with hot water flowing in and out. What a blissful moment it is when I let my body floating there! Fully receiving the goodness of phytoncide contained in Hinoki, I just feel that no other materials allow me to enjoy warmness and gentle texture the wooden bath has.

The simple form without “metal hoops” expresses innovation though it is, at the same time, based on the tradition. Using Japanese coniferous trees has been one of my themes since about 10 years before. I have been making good use of cedars and pines at the felling age, and also designing water-section products with Hinoki. I am delighted to have this occasion to hold the “ta yu tau” exhibition in GALLERY le bain in collaboration with wooden baths and sink of Hinoki Soken and products of Reliance.