Architectural design: Akira Watanabe
Furniture manufacturing: Yamaha Corp., Interior Center Co.

Talkative surface coverings and furniture do not fit in this space ruled by the existence of stone, constructed with warm Ohya-ishi stone and thick pine wood with chipped finish.

The trace of hand has been left on the surface of stone. To correspond with the quality of the rich space of this lounge, a large heavy solid table and high backrest chairs are set on the axis.

When you listen to the jabbling of the approach and the noise from the river, an open space is created where you can see great mountains through the trees. Facing this vista are pairs of lounge chairs. Flow lines and eye lines are taken into consideration and wide armrests work as side tables. This entrance is spacious but looks compact. Contrary to the open clearness of the day, lights in the hands will glow sensitively and calmly when the sun has fallen.