Numazu Club

Architectural design: Akira Watanabe
Art Direction: Ryohei Kojima

By the seashore at Numazu can be seen a vast expanse of ancient pine trees. Erected a century ago, a teahouse as used in the tea ceremony in the traditional sukiya building style is situated here on an extensive site covering nearly 10,000 square meters. With the aim of ensuring that this environment, enveloped in a garden of great historical importance, is able to withstand another century of use as a base for collective performance of the tea ceremony, the Numazu Club, consisting of many of today’s most talented builders and architects, embarked upon a new project.

By the side of the restored and renovated teahouse is a new lounge building constructed from wood and clay using the ancient building technique known as hanchiku. A villa intended for communal use consisting of ten rooms has also been incorporated with the aim of creating a place to relax that gives beautiful expression to harmony between the old and the new.

We were responsible for providing the furniture in this space consisting of clay and trees in an environment dominated by pine trees and the sea.