Hida Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Dining Chair
W570 x D510 x H740 (SH415)
Oak, Walnut

Dining Table
W1600 / 1800 x D900

Living Sofa
W780 / 1510 / 1910
H745 (SH390)

Living Table

I pursued this sofa becoming familiar with daily life. It has a structure and a balance of a relaxed well-balanced form. Therefore, it produces comfortable togetherness in living room.

You can feel a friendly tree of purity when you touch the sofa. Moreover, you settle down when you sit on it. These features have common with the feature of the small chair that I developed. I endeavored to make the owner of the sofa attach to it long. And, I pursued the balance of a simple design and a reasonable price of this sofa.

This dining chair looks so simple and robust. However, it actually is gentle and nice with sitters as well.

Its half-length arms let the sitter relax fully and, when he/she stands up, do so quite easily.

Two types of the seating faces are available, wooden and upholstered with cloth.