Conde House Co., Ltd.

2016 renewal

W2100, 2400 x D920 x H790
W710 x D655 x H410
side table
W300 x D550 x H480
center table
W1500 x D500 x H340 W1300 x D650 x H340
corner table
W900 x D900 x H340

tree species : ash / walnut

Retaining the “Japanese excellence” SESTINA developed with its QUODO LUX, this Series embraces simple and orderly structures. CONDE tried many, many experiments for a sofa with a supreme sense of peace and transparency. The end result, SESTINA LUX, boasts its radically new and fertile design, which combines, in pleasant contrast, the solid wood’s texture and the slim frame’s lightness. This design is rooted in Japan’s tradition, which cherishes lovely trees and creates a peaceful culture of wood. One meaning of the name “SESTINA” is “order.”