[YUI] Series

Nissin Furniture Crafters Co., Ltd.

Dining Chair, Dining Table, Sofa, Center Table, Side Board, TV Board, Shelf
/White Ash

In a region called Hida Takayama, Japan, since antiquity people have been living and developing a culture of “YUI,” literally “tying together,” in which they helped each other in trust. Here in Takayama, commencing with the fine and graceful tea ceremonies which bloomed in the era of Sowa Kanamori, a great tea master from this region in the 17th century, simple yet classy and elegant tools have found their way into the lifestyles of many Japanese, and traditional culture still breathes. In order not only to carry this lovely tradition onwards, but to live side-by side with nature, it is required to bring the spirit of “YUI” into craftsmanship while making the best of trees from green forests in the coming low-carbon, cyclical society. We have to foster lifestyles that cherish trees and use quality items for years and years.