Irregular vases

Texture wall represented by “Fire hands” and “Human hands”

Sugahara Glassworks Inc.

“Fire hands”
Now, domestic cedar is reaching the time of logging. If humans do not thin, the mountains will be devastated. I hoped to copy the expression of the bark of the baked cedar “Yakisugi” that clapboaed fence that has shaped the streetscape since ancient times onto glass, hoping that people would notice the cedar problem.

“Human hands”
When the melted glass is blown directly into the cedar wood pattern, the baking gradually progresses and individual differences appear. The plain surface of the cylinder glass is given a powerful expression, such as the rough bumping of a carpenter.

Transparent glass vase with irregularities. The black glass is just like wearing a sumi coat. The expression of opaque silver, as if it were smoked with titanium or silver plating on the inside, is hollow.