SILICOMBO desk ware series

(Gallery Interform)
Pen stand: W100xD100xH87mm
Pen tray: W240xD66xH42mm
Multipurpose tray: Diam100xH42mm

An interesting material, silicone is soft, friendly and flexible. Soft touch stationary of solid form and lucent color like jellybeans. I hope to bring a breath of fresh air on to cold office desks.

H concept, Ltd.
Stand W100xD100xH87 mm
Tray W200xD66xH27 mm
Ball Diam100xH42 mm

The silicon that yellows easily has evolved to the material that doesn't discolor easily.

Si made of silicon does not make a noise even if it hits something, and it has the feature of not damaging the one sent in because it is soft.

Moreover, Silicon is excellent in the water-shedding quality. I made Si expand the usage in not only the stationery but also the water surroundings while reconsidering the size and the color.