Kurokabe, Nagahama-city

Twenty years have passed since a citizen’s campaign based on “GLASS” was launched to preserve historical buildings and revitalize the stagnated traditional downtown district.
Now a movement has started to establish a new image of Nagahama with “GLASS.”
“GLASS” is not only used inside as glassware or decorations, but can also be used outside in the voids and streets. It creates new scenery which we call “URBAN GLASS.”
Urban Glass will revitalize the downtown district by increasing the liveliness of those that chose to stroll around the area.

As the first step, a pyramid made of glass was built as a model in this area of the third sector company. Kurokabe plays an important role in this project.
Light in the evening fascinates people.
Water coming from the spring “TOPOS” gently flows in all directions.
And the culture of “GLASS” is coming around the town.
Responding to it, we will see “URBAN GLASS” from place to place in the future…
I believe.