PEDESTRIAN FURNITURE (independent project)

Based on a 60cm grid.
Horizontal units: floor unit, gutter, lawn unit, stair unit, etc.
3 dimensional units: bollard, water fountain, rubbish bin, planter, bench, table, sign pole, lamp pole, shelter, pergola, etc.
Registered design

Walking is one of the basic activities in our life. The environments for walkways should have a friendly atmosphere and support intimate gatherings and rest. But in reality the streets, facilities, and roadside plants are too often either superficial decoration or simply too poor.

The existing situation consists of many elements layered one over the other, but here is one more attempt to bring some harmonious order into this environment, through the utilization of ready-made systematized units. Based on a 60-centimeter grid system, these simple street furniture elements of various shapes are made of materials such as mock stone, cement and water-permeable pavement in different colors.

This unit system is not intended to cover the whole landscape but rather to bring out the charm of each surrounding environment to form the basis of a warm landscape. A proposal for the key to "an environment for happy and lively walks."