- KD series

Hokusho Co., Ltd.
Basic Span: 2.5m, 3.0m, 3.5m

This KD series is a system composed of pergola, shelter and street furniture with the concept of the micro view, that sticks to the texture and details of materials, and the macro view, that concerns the design as elements in the space.

The "columns", "beams" and "bars and roofs" are the main components for the pergola and shelter. This is the system which enables to produce appropriate spaces by assembling them variously to match with the image from architectural plans.

One of the main components "columns" are assembled as a 4 part architecture in a socket style, and choosing the design and the color scheme freely out of 10 types of shape and 4 colors, it can respond to architectural intentions widely. There are also wood-affixed type and trellis type that plants can be bound to according to the locations.

"Beams" are extruded aluminum parts whose outer dimension is 120mm with rail gutters in 4 directions and added flat joints, they fix pergola bars and main building of shelter and other components together. These beams jointed with cast aluminum joints can be connected vertically, horizontally and diagonally with columns and have further freedom of layout. At the same time, it can be expanded to street furniture (benches, signs, fences, etc.) with the same materials.

Californian redwood is used for the wood part. 6 types of parts can be selected for "bars and roofs" according to beam frame shape. The roofboard and rafter have been incorporated into a single panel structure, by using big panels of OSB wood in order to reduce cost and constructing time at the site, and to stabilize the quality and the supply with stocks.