Conde House Co., Ltd.

This series is a development of “MONADO”. I face situations that express hierarchies by furniture within the organization, companies and government offices. This series was designed through such fieldwork. There are different sizes of desks, table, cabinet and so on. The pictures shown are just an example of that variation. As the series has various types of seets, it adapts to more situations.
W1130 , 2330 x D930 x H680 / W960 , 2110 x D855 x H730 / W810, 1950 x D750 x H700

W1600 x D700 , 810 x H380 / W810 x D810 x H380 , 500 / W1400 x D610 x H385 / W735 x D745 x H535 / W5100 x D1500 x H700

desk with drawers on both sides / one side
1978 , 2178 x D900 x H700

side desk
W1523 x D470 x H612

rotary chair
W640 x D650 , 670 x H800 , 1100