Cast Chair

Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd.

The "Cast Chair" has an aluminum outer frame that allows it to adapt to the changing positions and movements of the body with flexibility. The back can be set to tilt to a wide range of angles and provides firm support for a variety of working postures.
In addition, the upper part of the backrest tilts freely for smooth shifting to and from concentration to relaxation. From a universal design point of view, special attention has been paid to the individual differences in body sizes, constructions and postures, as shown in the number of adjusting functions applied to this chair.
Other characteristics include longer product life span, as in the replaceable upholstery and optional parts for afterward additions, and the use of fabric utilizing recycled material from PET drink bottles and die cast aluminum with a large percentage of recycled material, for less impact on the environment.

*Product lineup includes versions with medium back, high back, and high back with headrest.*The backrest tilts with the upper and lower parts moving independently. Can be set to tilt to two positions of random choice, as far down as 35 degrees.

*The lumbar support point can be adjusted to suit individual differences in waist heights