- MK Series

TOTO Co., Ltd.
W350xH1300, W400xH500, W500xH650
Diam450, 650, 800, W800xH600
Anodize colored aluminum, mirror frame frosted finish

The changes in contemporary everyday lifestyles have also brought changes to the washroom space. In addition to basic grooming functions, various activities are now emerging, for example health and beauty equipments are being brought into the washroom, turning this space into a multipurpose room to answer the various needs of the user.

Under this situation, mirrors have been transformed from simple objects to living facilities, and now seem to be becoming a part of the space itself. Mirrors should no longer be self assertive but melt into the atmosphere. They should have a multipurpose taste to match a wide variety of interior spaces, together with functionality. The MK series design was based on these backgrounds, to make a “standard living goods” product that meets the cost and needs of the market.