TOTO Kitchen Cuisia Japanesque

TOTO Co., Ltd.

I have been taking part in this project aiming to share the development of new products through the mixture of different professional expertise.
The task was to achieve high quality and spatial context in living spaces, a comfortable living-dining space with a rhetorical identity, and the creation of new furnishings, installations, fixtures and furniture. From a variety of possibilities, a new color scheme was chosen as the design theme. We utilized new industrial technologies to develop a new technique of traditional dry-lacquering finish. The result was an original surface material with a rich sense of quality.

TOTO has used this material for the door panels in its new line of system kitchens “CUISIA Series -Japanesque”.

And Daiken Corporation has used a Living board, chest, etc. were created, rending unification and harmony between the living, dining and kitchen spaces.