PX-42, PX-50

NEC Corp.
Monitor: W1048xD91xH648mm
Aluminum, plastics

This media core can correspond to various image sources. Thin but large screen, high brightness and high quality pictures leading the next generation. The design is hard and sharp with aluminum. It doesn't assert its existence overmuch but suggests a new lifestyle as a multi purpose window for information. The development themes for this project were;
* How should its appearance be as an interface applied to various media.
* The monitor should not be too strong in its environment, however it should ensure high quality and high technology.
* It should suggest a new lifestyle.
* Creating a new market.
Of the two ideas presented, one, a movable wall like system was too advanced to support the technical aspects. The more orthodox idea was adopted, with separate displays, tuners and speakers. Not talkative but simple and hard form. The body is sharp and precise with extruded aluminum material.

Toward a Harmony of Living Spaces and Artifacts - From Furniture to Appliances

The intertwining of continuity and discontinuity from the past is a characteristic of today's Japanese culture, and has its reflection in everyday living spaces. With the diversification of personal values and lifestyles, the number of artifacts surrounding us has exploded, adding further chaos. It is no longer an easy task to avoid drowning in quantity while pursuing true quality. Interior design has always worked with furniture and decoration, but it is about time more attention was paid to domestic facilities and appliances as elements which support indispensable modern convenience and living. Information technology appliances deserve special attention, with their existence in homes quickly growing. The concept of this TV set was devised to answer future needs for larger displays, coordinating multiple information services such as security systems, on-line medical services and networking home appliances. The intention of this large but thin display was to avoid overwhelming the surroundings, both physically and mentally. Providing high quality in both function and design, this innovative interface, an "information window", is a proposal for a new life style.